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The two stop their fighting and melt, distracted by her beauty. Jimmy piped up behind Sarah. He then starts the stunt. Doesn't that mean you're leaving on Saturday? Eddy slipped back to the closet and grabbed the plastic bag, eventually making it up stairs where it was much quieter. Seeing this, Eddy decries it as pathetic, and asks Ed if he'd do whatever Sarah told him. The episode ends with Ed in much the same position as he was in at the start; the only difference is that instead of only him serving his sister, it's him and his friends serving Rolf.

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His life was over!

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The other kids cry out to Kevin for help, but with how all of his friends had gotten trapped by the scam, he is completely hesitant on what he should do now. The boys let themselves into Ed's basement when he didn't come to his window. He tried to punch anywhere on Kevin's body behind him, but considering the angle at which they were delivered; Eddy's attempts were fairly useless. When he comes to his room, he thinks he's found a place to hide, but this isn't so; instead, Edd and Eddy have commandeered his bed. Let's get this on already. Eddy announces the plan to the other kids, but they ignore him. I'm freezing over here.

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